Why don't I just listen at home on my headphones?

Because unless you're very lucky, we're guessing you don't own a massive cinema sound system. And if you do, we imagine your neighbours probably don't like you much.

Why ever go to the cinema if you can just download or stream the film to watch at home? Why go to a pub if you can drink at home? Besides, how often do you really put aside the time to just listen without any distractions?

There's something incredibly special about feeling the bass moving through your body, hearing the sound fill the space around you, and experiencing your favourite music in comfort, silently sharing the experience alongside other people. The combination of volume, the physicality of the low end and the darkness brings about a sort of meditative state.

Basically, don't knock it until you've tried it.

Are your events really held in complete darkness?

We've allowed ourselves a tiny bit of poetic license here (we love alliteration). We turn out all the house lights at our events to get the room as dark as possible, but fire safety regulations mean we have to keep fire exit lights on. So, at most of our events, you'll also receive a Pitchblack Playback bilndfold in case you want to completely immerse yourself.

What happens at your events?

You grab a drink if you want one, take your seat, kick back and relax. We turn the lights out, play the album loud, in full, in the dark. And that's it. Food is usually available at our venues before and after the playback.

How do you play your music?

We play 16-bit or 24-bit files or CDs. We NEVER play compressed lossy formats (basically, we play the highest definition files we can find which give the most detailed and full sound).

I can't come any more! Can I resell my ticket or give it to someone else?

We sell most of our tickets through DICE. If you cannot make it, you may be able to resell your ticket through their waiting list function. Once an event has sold out and 20 people have added themselves to the waiting list for tickets, you will see the option to offer your ticket to the waiting list. If it sells you will receive all the money you paid for your ticket.

n.b. if you are buying a ticket from the waiting list, please be advised that DICE charge a 25% fee on waiting list ticket transactions.

Anything else I should know before coming?

These are our house rules:

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